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FRFR-108 2000-watt 1x8" Powered Guitar Cabinet

The HeadRush FRFR-108 is a 2000-watt cabinet speaker designed to provide outstanding performance with the HeadRush range of modellers or any other multi-FX/amp modeller. Created to be lightweight but sturdy this speaker packs some serious punch.

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These badboys kick ass!!
Just EQ the low end off at 100-120hz's and they sound great. I am totally impressed!

I experimented with these at my gig yesterday afternoon as monitors, and coupled with the mains next to where I was mixing from so I could make level adjustments on the back. These will get VERY LOUD and they have great clarity. I read these reviews here before I made my decision to buy a pair, and I'm glad I did.

I read reviews on Sweetwater where some people complained because it would start to rattle if you threw some low end bass at them, but COME ON, be realistic! Its a friggin 8\" speaker. You're not going to get 80hz at 100db+ out of these. And I didn't expect to either. I just wanted smaller monitors for small, tight stages.

I work with an 11-piece band (Austin Party Band, as well as many others in Austin, TX) that I fit into a 16x12 stage recently at Baker Street Pub & Grill, and the bass and guitar stood behind the (2) keyboards (Stage left and right), next to the drum kit and had difficulty with getting a good monitor mix, so I bought the HeadRush specifically for them. Very small footprint with BIG sound!!

The bigger speaker center stage is what I've been normally using for a wedge is an EV ZLX12P (which I am very fond of - I own 7) but I used the EV for center fill yesterday, and the HeadRush 8" next to it for center stage monitor.

Honestly, I wouldn't hesitate to use 3-4 HeadRushes across front stage as monitors, but keep the EV 12" for the drummer monitor (to get the low end). So, I'm probably going buy one more so I have 3.

Headrush, my suggestion would be to redesign the the amp switches, replace the CONTOUR switch with an low end rolloff at 100-120hz, then it can be coupled with a sub for a nice small PA. The contour switch is not necessary, because 99% of people using this will be going thru a mixing console and can "contour/EQ" the sound there. I've been in this industry for 15+ years, and never have I seen a speaker with a contour switch, or a ground lift either. There are better uses for those switch locations....
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